There are many ways to heal, to seek help, to help others, and to join in the effort to stop childhood sexual abuse. Please visit this ever-growing list of resources to ffind a way for your voice to be heard!


Healing Through Art

Whether you write, paint, dance, sing or act, art can be a powerful tool in helping to heal from childhood sexual abuse or other trauma. Artists have used different mediums for millenia to work through truth, beauty and difficult emotions. Art has been shown to have positive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. Plus... it can be fun.

Resources to Help You

Do you know someone who has experienced sexual abuse? Or have you experienced it yourself? There are a number of resources in every community, whether it is healing from the abuse, learning how to safegaurd your children more, or seeking judicial help.

How You Can Help

Get involved! Speak out! Help a friend or family member! There are many ways you can become active in the efforts to eliminate childhood sexual abuse.


View artists who have shared their story through painting, poetry, writing, and so many other forms of art. And please help us build this gallery by sharing YOUR story!

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