Traditional Arts

A study from UC Davis showed evidence that taking part in traditional arts like weaving had numerous benefits, including "mitigation of historical trauma."


100 Art Therapy Exercises

This website offers 100 ideas to cope with trauma through art. Each link has a summary of the project, what you need to do it and exactly what you should do for the project. Explore the site for some other great activities, like self-discovery cards and spontaneous painting.

Writing Prompts

A Tumblr blog with a new writing prompt and image every day.


11 Great Benefits of Painting

Greater concentration, mobility and emotional intelligence are just a few benefits to taking up painting.


Expressive Writing

Article on the emotional and physical benefits of expressive writing.


Keeping a Journal

Benefits of journaling and how to get started.




The Anchorage Press wrote a feature article on Vera Starbard and Our Voices Will Be Heard in 2014. The article won a first place award for arts reporting at the Alaska Press Club Awards in 2015.

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